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Dr. Khuroo Recieves International Award

By : Dr MS Khuroo         Dated : 28/12/2015

Dr. Khuroo received an international award on “Discovery of hepatitis E” in Moscow Russia on September 18th, 2013. The award has been initiated by Federal State of Budgetary Institution of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow Russia (FGBU "IPVE im.M.P. Chumakova" RAMS ). The award was started in 2012 to remember and honor the life & achievements of Dr. M. S. Balayan. Late Dr. Balayan was on the staff of FGBU “IPVE im. M.P. Chumakova” RAMS and identified the Virus-Like-Particles (VLP) of hepatitis E in 1983.  An international committee consisting of Russian and International Scientists was constituted to select a person who has done seminal and monumental work in the field of hepatitis E.  
The award ceremony was held in the conference hall of the Scientist-Methodical Centre of Working Union of Moscow Russia. It was attended by over 1000 Russian and Western delegates. Prof. Micheal Mackailov, Director of FGBU” IPVE im.M.P. Chumakova” RAMS introduced the concept of Dr. Balayan award, constitution/members of the international selection committee and the basis of selecting Prof. M. S. Khuroo as the first international awardee. He identified the seminal and monumental work done by Prof. M. S. Khuroo in the “Discovery of hepatitis E”. This was followed by a documentary on the life time achievements of Prof. M.S. Khuroo and how he discovered the hepatitis E during a massive water-borne epidemic of jaundice in Kashmir, India in 1978. Award ceremony consisted of a medal and a Diploma certificate identifying Prof. M.S. Khuroo as the recipient of Dr. Balayan award 2013.  Ceremony was concluded by a message from Dr. Khuroo.