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By : MOHAMMAD SULTAN KHUROO         Dated : 10/22/2016

Research in biomedical sciences is a challenging field. Basic purpose of any research project should be to explore the unknown, develop new tools to diagnose and treat, establish new treatments protocols in medical practice and control and prevent diseases by vaccines etc. Duplication of data is common in biomedical research all over World which wastes resources and manpower and helps none. Every research project planned to allay human suffering has a remarkable human interest story related to the complexities, the missteps, the near misses and the ups and downs. What comes out in print is a highly polished product and impossible for young investigators to understand the complexities of doing research. Over period 1980 to 1995, I was involved in several research projects in Kashmir and I have penned down what went behind the scenes while doing these projects. I believe it shall help young investigators to understand the core issues in research in biomedical sciences.