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Good Morning J&K (19/11/2017) DD Kashir

  • Your Ramadan Fast in Health & Disease

  • Capsule Endoscopy

  • Endoscopic (Non-Surgical)

  • Endoscopic extraction of round worm blocking the pylorus and causing pyloric obstruction

  • Life Time Achievements Dr. Khuroo part 1.

  • Life Time Achievments Dr. Khuroo part 2.

  • Liver Transplantation Awareness Program

  • Discovery of Hepatitis E: the untold story

  • KMA-IDF Oration 2008-Discovery of hepatitis E: The epidemic non-A, non-B hepatitis 25 years later

  • Intelligent use of laboratory in clinical medicine

  • Hepatitis E 2010: We have come a long way.

  • Good Morning J&K (19/11/2017) DD Kashir

  • Increased Incidence & Severity of hepatitis E in Pregnancy-an unresolved enigma

  • Trichuris Dysentery Syndrome part II

  • Trichuris Dysentery Syndrome

  • Incredible colonoscopic visualization of Trichuris Dysentery Syndrome - the path tracker