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About Website

Medicine is an ever-changing vibrant field and the art of medical practice has to be constantly updated in keeping with the new information. At the same time the new information has to be introduced with great care and should not interfere with the cultural, social and religious beliefs of the society, family or individual. Also new information has to be incorporated in to the medical practice after carefully analyzing the cost effectiveness of the changing concepts and beliefs. With all this, physicians and health care givers have to maintain the fabric of practice of medicine, which incorporates the high ethical and moral values of the physician, humane touch to the person and family suffering from disease, policies and procedures of the clinical practice and internal checks and evaluation of the methods employed. Over the last many decades the method of disseminating knowledge to the medical community has changed dramatically in the West. There has been shift from classroom lectures to readily presentable audio-visual methods of teaching. Also the flood of knowledge pumped each moment has to be presented in a concise manner to the busy clinician and this is done by specialists in the filed through short reviews and opinion statements. Our community in J&K and also in rest of India has stayed far behind in making practice of medicine current and updated. There are several reasons for this and one of these has been reduced impetus in introducing the current information available to the medical community, which would be appropriate for our needs. It has been my dream to start a system of disseminating medical information to the medical community in a manner, which keeps with the current standards. It could be done in many ways. One of the ways was for sure to start a web site, which deals with various aspects of updating clinical practice. The web site shall have many facets, which shall deal with topics of interest related to our community. The web site includes Case of the month, Image of the month, Grand rounds, Current topics and topics for debate. We would like that the web site accessed by all those who are interesting in keeping abreast with the ever changing filed of medicine and improve their current practices and policies of clinical practice. (Prof. M. S. Khuroo)