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My Medical Mission to Pakistan

My Medical Mission to Pakistan
Professor M. S. Khuroo narrates reminiscences of his visit to Pakistan

For anybody in Kashmir, a visit to Pakistan is dream come true. I had learned in my childhood that many first generation Kashmiris at death bed have remarked that their visit to Pakistan was a dream not fulfilled in their lifetime. In a recent “NDTV, THE BIGFIGHT” program show all the participants voted that they wish to visit Pakistan. What is so much hidden in Pakistan that every body wants to discover? In the story to follow I have tried to uncover some facts to those who may not have visited Pakistan and “want to know from me everything about that land”. Few things are glaring in this report. Pakistan is a vibrant society with extremely cultured and friendly people and has overtaken its neighbors in many aspects especially roads transport and environment.   The governance is, I think, optimum for day-to-day needs of the common man. Women have taken their due position in the community, a true reflection of Islamic principles. Although the urban life is quite advanced yet the people have not lost touch of their culture, habits and simplicity.  The west has not invaded their culture as much as in India. Of course the country has all the problems which are seen in any other developing country (like India) which includes poverty, unsafe water supplies, poor sanitation, poor healthcare and disease. The country is yet to advance in healthcare and has exactly the same problems as in India. For a personal note, Kashmir and the people of Kashmir have made a special mark in the minds of people of Pakistan and in every aspect of their lives. The society has, I feel, happily adopted and accepted many habits of people of Kashmir. Anybody I met wants to visit India as soon as the next moment and get frenzy when they think of visiting Kashmir. For those who have migrated from Kashmir and have relatives or property on this side of “BORDER” the long wait has been a painful one. On the down side, it is extremely difficult to visit the country with existing visa restrictions and a nightmare for those who may wish to make the second visit.
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