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Dr. Khuroo's Common Topics on Health & Healthcare

Mehnaaz Sultan Khuroo (2011). Common Topic's on Health and Healthcare. Edition 1. Published by Dr. Khuroo's Medical Trust. 

From the Editor's Desk

Prof. Khuroo has written more than 200-articles on common health topics. In 2011, I choose to compile 64 articles in the form of a book entitled "Dr. Khuroo's Common Topics on Health & Healthcare". This 152-page book was arranged in 10-chapters (A to J). Chapter A: Common Digestive Diseases in Kashmir (10 topics); Chapter B: Common Liver Diseases in J&K (8 topics); Chapter C: In That Wormy World (2 topics); D. Fight Against Cancer (7 topics); E. New Horizons in Medicine (7 topics); F. Miracles in Medicine (5 topics); G. Islam and Medicine (5 topics); H. Medical Tours (3 topics); I. Healthcare in J&K-A suggested Model for 2010 and beyond (13 topics0; Chapter J. Medical Institution and Teachers (4 topics). 

A series of another over 100-articles are available and shall be published in Second edition. 

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