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EPOCH MAKING EVENT. Discovery of Hepatitis E:-The event in history that changed the destiny of millions worldwide.


This 36-page book entitled “Epoch Making Event. Discovery of Hepatitis E: - The event in history that changed the destiny of millions worldwide” was edited by me in 2012 to trace the impact of the discovery of hepatitis E over the 3 decades since the first description of the disease. Apart from the historical publications (page 5-28), 42 seminal articles based on multiple research protocols (1980 to 2012) published by our group on hepatitis E are listed (page 29-32). These papers helped to establish hepatitis E virus as one of the major five hepatotropic viruses (A to E) and an intriguing human pathogen. Lastly, I compiled a list of statements from seminal papers written by legends about evolution of hepatitis E over 30 years (Pages 33, 34).

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