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PAIR in Hepatic Hydatidosis: Echinococcus granulosus cysts in the liver:-management with percutaneous drainage.

Khuroo, M S, Zargar, S A, & Mahajan, R. Echinococcus granulosus cysts in the liver: management with percutaneous drainage. Radiology,1991 July 1;180(1), 141-145. doi:10.1148/radiology.180.1.2052682

It had been a surgical dogma for long that Hydatid disease is an absolute contraindication for needle puncutre /aspiration as it can cause anaphylaxis, death and dissemination. We broke this dogma.

Reports of isolated instances/case reports of puncture of hydatid cysts were found to be safe. We were the first to drain hepatic hydatid cysts in a large series of patients under ultrasound guidance and use hypertonic (20%) saline as a scolicidal agent, with eventual disappairance of hydatid cysts in the follow up. 

The procedure of percutaneous drainage of hepatic hydatid cysts has been named as PAIR technique based on 4 steps in the procedure (Puncture, Aspiration, Installation, Reaspiaration). 

Based on our extensive studies over the ensuing years, PAIR technique has been accepted as an alternative to surgery for managed uncomplicated hepatic hydatid cysts. 

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